Subject of the Service
Nestlé Italy provides consumers with a system to book a visit of the “Casa del Cioccolato® Perugina®located in Perugia, San Sisto, Viale San Sisto 207/C, inside the Nestlè Perugina® site.

Right to Booking
This term refers to the acquisition of the possibility to visit the Casa del Cioccolato® Perugina® on the selected date and time for the people included in the booking. We recommend arriving about 15 minutes earlier to allow for the normal steps to prepare the group.

How the groups are formed
Visits to the Casa del Cioccolato® Perugina® are always guided and take place in groups. Groups may also be large and are formed according to the organisational needs of the Casa del Cioccolato® Perugina®, availability of places by time slot and requested language.

Content of the visit
The visit involves: a brief introductory videoa visit of the Perugina® historical museum, a tasting sessiona tour of the factory*access to the store. The visits are always guided.
*A tour of the factory means walking across an overhead walkway over part of the lines of the manufacturing plant. Nestlé reserves the right to decide on the option of walking across the walkway according to production technical requirements and availability at the time. Nestlé does not guarantee the continuative option of viewing the production lines, nor that they will be in operation during all visit times.

Consumers can, depending on availability, select their language of choice for the visit.

Disabled people
The visit of the Casa del Cioccolato® Perugina® is always available for disabled people. The only part that cannot be accessed by disabled people with mobility difficulties or who need equipment such as wheelchairs or clutches to move around is the overhead walkway on the production lines. Disabled people with these features will still be able to continue their visit up to the landing overlooking part of the lines in the plant. In any case, we recommend specifying the presence of disabled people at the time of booking to allow for suitable assistance during your visit.

How to use the system
To make a booking, consumers must select the language of choice of the visit, the date and time among the available options.
Once you have made these choices, enter your information, as well as the number of participants, the number of children and the number of disabled people.

Booking confirmation email
At the end of the process to book the visit and after the confirmation, an email will be sent to the email address entered at the time of registration with all the information about the booking, as well as the option of confirming the booking or cancelling it if needed.

Confirming your booking
Bear in mind that you have 8h from the time of registration to confirm the actual booking via the email that will be sent to you. After this time, the booking will be cancelled.
If you have any doubts about your booking, contact the Service Desk at 800800907 or +39 02 45467655 if you are calling from abroad.

Booking reminder
The system will automatically send you an email 7 days before the booked date to remind you of the date and time of the visit chosen by you. If you want to confirm, you don’t need to do anything, while if you are no longer able to take part in the visit, a dedicated link in the email will allow you to cancel your booking.

If I can no longer come
If you can no longer take part in the booked visit, please contact the Service Desk at 800800907 or cancel your booking via the dedicated link in the reminder email of the booking that will be sent to you 7 days before the booked date

If I want to change my booking (date, number of participants)
If you want to change your booking, for instance the date or number of participants, please contact the Service Desk at 800800907 or +39 02 45467655 if you are calling from abroad.

Payment for the visit

€9: Full Ticket

€7: Discounts for teenagers from 13 to 17 years of age, groups of at least 10 people, carers of disabled people and over 65 years of age

€5: Discounts for upper secondary schools

€4: Discounts for children from 6 to 12 years of age

€3: Discounts for primary and lower secondary schools

Free: for children and schools up to 5 and for disabled people

How to purchase your entrance ticket
Entrance tickets can only be purchased on site. The following payment methods are accepted: Cash, credit card and debit card.

I am a company and I need an invoice
If you book a visit for an agency, a tour operator or schools and need an invoice, just select the related entry in the ‘type of visit’ field at the time of booking.

My personal information
Personal information provided to make the booking will be stored on our systems only for the time required to process the booking itself. It will be deleted and in any case not used for marketing mailing purposes, unless you have expressly specified otherwise in the registration form. For further information, please read our privacy policy (

Security of information
The information provided by you will be managed as specified by the privacy watchdog. Nestlè will not share, in any way, your information with other partners/companies for commercial purposes, thereby guaranteeing absolute confidentiality.